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MI 3105 XA

product's model: MI 3105 XA

Manufacturer: Metrel


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MI 3105 Eurotest XA Metrel: Multifunction ele. Installation Tester
  • On-Line Voltage Monitor
  • 2-Wire & 3-Wire Earth Resistance Test with Built-In Battery Operated Generator
  • Earth Resistance Test with Two Clamps Method
  • Leakage Current Test
  • Test of Luminance with Optional LUX Meter Probe
  • Insulation Resistance
  • PE Conductor Continuity Test
  • Line & Loop Esistances with Fuse Evaluation Table Built-In
  • RCD Test with Trip Lock Function
  • Phase Sequence in 3-Phase Systems
  • Software: PC SW EuroLink PRO is a Strong Creating Tool of Professional Visual Inspection Report & Testing Result Report
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack with a Charger is Included in a Standard Set