TWO next-generation scopes, built for every engineer, for everyday use by Tektronix.
    Introducing our new 3 Series MDO and 4 Series MSO oscilloscopes to our next-generation portfolio.
  • Take the Lead in 5G Technology
    Keysight’s Nemo Wireless Solutions in 5G are ready to enable deeper insights.
    In design and test, our solutions will help you innovate across new and existing wireless technologies
    as you transform ideas into reality.
  • High-tech solutions
    Measuring systems
    Specialized instruments
    Responsible support

Specialized high-tech instruments & measurement systems.

Vector Τechnologies. 12 years of presence in Greece and abroad.

Meet Vector Technologies

  • Important Supplier of instruments and measurement systems
  • One of the most specialized companies in the national market
  • Measurement systems, Electronics, Telecommunications, Networks
  • Nuclear Physics, Education, Avionics, Antennas
  • Fibre Optics, Probe Stations, RF & Microwave
  • Spectroscopy, Electrological instruments

A wide range of specialized solutions

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